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Quando fare i check-in se si usa il Test Driver Development...

Un articolo molto interessante di Peter Provost che alla fine mostra questi passi:

    1. Write the test code.
    2. Compile the test code. (It should fail because you haven’t implemented anything yet.)
    3. Implement just enough to compile.
    4. Run the test and see it fail.
    5. Implement just enough to make the test pass.
    6. Run the test and see it pass.
    7. Refactor for clarity and to eliminate duplication.
    8. Pull updates from the server to get any changes from other people
    9. Compile the code, fix it if it is broken
    10. Re-run all tests, to see if others' changes have broken your tests. If they pass go to step 11 if they fail go to step 5.
    11. Check in the code
    12. Repeat from the top

Il resto lo trovate qui.

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