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VBCommenter 1.2.5 Final Released

Per chi non vuole/può aspettare VB2005 (cioè tutti noi... )


- Major speed improvements (mostly related to schema and XML validation handling). For example, a large project that took 14 minutes to build using 1.2 and 2 minutes without VBCommenter takes about 2.5 minutes with 1.2.5.
- Improved comment schema (includes all NDoc extensions to the XML comment schema)
- Improved XML validation and task list reporting
- Fixed defect relating to Reporting Services projects (MSDN article ID 842434) - your Intellisense will no longer go away when you build a solution with a Reporting Project in it.
- Improved interoperability with other add-ins by not forcing the IDE to shadow copy all assemblies it loaded in the add-in appdomain. This is known to resolve issues with BizTalk 2004, Borland's Together Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, and (potentially) AnkhSVN.
- will output the correct XML for the cref attribute.
- The XmlWriter.FindType method has been simplified and its speed improved dramatically, increasing the reliability and performance of the add-in.
- cref resolution is much better - If your class has a method called "Log" and you want to reference it, the generated cref will be correct instead of pointing to System.Diagnostics.Log
- Handles Enterprise Template Projects correctly
- Reads assemblies in read-only mode to avoid locking the file or the inability to load the assembly if the IDE has it locked
- Fixes issues with duplicate comment prefixes being created
- Renders variables declared as "WithEvents" as properties (which is how the WithEvents keyword is implemented in IL) to allow NDoc to find the appropriate comments for the field.


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