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Monoppix 1.0

Potete trovarlo su!

What is it?

Monoppix is a GNU/Linux distribution which includes Mono, XSP, MySql, and Monodevelop, and runs completely off a CD. It allows you to get familiar with Mono development or test your existing .NET apps in Linux without installing anything on your computer.

Monoppix was based on
Knoppix and Miniknoppix and was developed by Roiy Zysman (zroiy at gmail dot com).

Le versioni precedenti avevano "seri" problemi con la VPC... Potete comunque usare questo trucchetto:

Virtual PC's emulated Video Drivers conflict with the default Knoppix display settings, which expect 24 bit color while VPC only supports 16 bit color. Use the following cheat code when running Monoppix in VPC: "knoppix xserver=XFree86 xmodule=s3 depth= 16". 

Se invece fate il boot direttamente dal CD, ecco un piccolo aiuto:

Make sure the CD is in the CD drive and restart your computer. If it boots in your normal operating system, reboot again and change the start device priority in your BIOS to set the CD drive to higher priority in the boot order than the Hard Drive. At the prompt, you'll need to enter a Knoppix cheat code to tell Knoppix what hardware to use. If you're using standard equipment, you're probably okay with just "knoppix " (without the quotes). If you're using a laptop or LCD monitor, "fb1024x768" will probably work.

Knoppix mounts your hard drive and places a link to it on your desktop, so you can execute your .NET / ASP.NET code off your hard drive. Linux only mounts NTFS partitions as read only, though, so if you want to save your work you'll need to be creative (save to a floppy, upload to an FTP, e-mail yourself, create a VFAT partition, etc.).


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Monoppix | Claudio Brotto
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