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Libreria LDAP per .NET da Novell

If you don't like System.DirectoryServices, or if you want  a pure LDAP API, you can get third-party LDAP libs for C#.  Novell just posted an update to theirs last week, you can find it at
They say it is for C#, but of course it will work for any .NET language.
Source code is available, under the MIT license.   They also ship a binary DLL, but it appears to be built against mono. 

Print | posted on martedì 22 febbraio 2005 11:53 |



# re: Libreria LDAP per .NET da Novell

e funziona moooolto bene con openLDAP!!! Molto meglio dei DirectoryServices....
23/02/2005 01:17 | Michele
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