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Google Maps...

Peccato che funziona solo negli Stati Uniti... spero solo per ora...


Print | posted on martedì 8 febbraio 2005 12:27 | Filed Under [ Community e amici ]



# re: Google Maps...

Provando con RSS Bandit viene fuori questo:

Your browser is not supported by Google Maps just yet. We currently support the following browsers:

IE 5.5+ (download: Windows)
Firefox 0.8+ (download: Windows Mac Linux)
Netscape 7.1+ (download: Windows Mac Linux)
Mozilla 1.4+ (download: Windows Mac Linux)
We are working on supporting Safari. Regardless of your browser type, you must have JavaScript enabled to use Google Maps.

We recommend you download one of the browsers above, or you can try to load Google Maps in your current browser.

Ma onestamente non ho provato...
08/02/2005 12:47 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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