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SourceGear announces Project "Allerton"

Molto ma molto interessante... e vedendo la fonte fa sperare in un ottimo prodotto!!!

I'm writing this blog entry to share an exciting bit of news from SourceGear:  We have decided to announce the fact that we are developing a new product which will be released later this year.  The code-name for this new product is "Allerton".  In a nutshell, Allerton is a Linux/Solaris/MacOS client for Team Foundation.

How much will Allerton cost?

Pricing for this product has not yet been announced.   Don't ask me about it.   I'm not saying anything until we make an official announcement.

When will this product ship?

We plan to release Allerton later this year in the same time frame as Visual Studio 2005.   We will demo the product at our booth at Tech-Ed in June.

Isn't this a big change in SourceGear's strategy?

No.   SourceGear has two main products, SourceOffSite and Vault.   These two products are very different. One is a SourceSafe add-on, and the other is a SourceSafe replacement. Vault and SourceOffSite are very distinct.   They are developed by two different teams.

It may seem goofy for the company who makes Vault to develop an add-on product for somebody else's source control tool.  But Allerton is the next logical step for the SourceOffSite side of our company.  Just as SourceOffSite is an add-on for SourceSafe, Allerton is an add-on for Team Foundation.

Where does the name "Allerton" come from?

Allerton Park is a really cool place, not too far from SourceGear's office.  If you hate this code-name, don't worry -- it's just a placeholder to be used until we figure out the real product name.

Per conoscere il resto, soprattutto il futuro di Vault, SourceOffSite, etc... leggete il post originale: SourceGear announces Project "Allerton"


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