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Non tutti sanno che... File Sharing Via RDP

Io lo uso spesso, ma visto che non tutti lo sanno... Non ricordo se era disponibile con Windows 2000, ma su 2003 è una bomba...

This one might fall into the “I'm the last guy to find this out” category, but given that I'm a regular user of Remote Desktop and I didn't notice it until a friend pointed it out, I'm guessing that others haven't discovered this little gem, either.

If you're connecting via the Remote Desktop Client to another machine, and you want to be able to copy files from here to there, open up “Options” and under “Local Resources” check “Disk Drives”, like so:

Then, when you connect to the remote computer, the remote computer will be able to see your local drives as if they were on the remote computer, making it trivial to drag and drop files via Explorer.

Fonte: File Sharing Via RDP


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