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Resharper Build 151 Is Out!

Bene... lunedi lo scarico!!!

For anyone who uses Resharper, I just saw this go by on one of their newsgroups...

We are glad to announce that we start early access program for new ReSharper
version (1.5). This version will add more refactorings. We plan to release it in the end
of January 2005.

Here is the list of refactorings to be added:

* Extract Interface
* Extract Superclass
* Introduce Field
* Encapsulate Field
* Copy Type
* Introduce Parameter
* Convert Interface to Abstract Class
* Convert Abstract Class to Interface

And even better... ReSharper build #151 is out.

Changes (from ReSharper 1.0.5):

* Extract Interface refactoring
* Extract Superclass refactoring
* Introduce Field refactoring
* Encapsulate Field refactoring
* Copy Type refactoring

Full list of fixed bugs is available at

You can download ReSharper from the download page of the ReSharper site:


Fonte: Resharper Build 151 Is Out!


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