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Virtual Server 2005... un po' di chiarezza

Stimolato dal commento di Stefano ad un mio Tip su VPC 2004, ho deciso di postare integralmente l'annuncio sulla disponibilità per gli abbonati MSDN di Virtual Server 2005, in modo da chiarire che dal 1 Ottobre 2004 al 31 Marzo 2005 gli abbonati MSDN Universal/Entreprise/Certified Partner/ISV potranno scaricare gratuitamente Virtual Server 2005, per test, ma non avranno MAI una licenza di produzione...

Poi... si vedrà...

As you are all aware, Virtual Server 2005 will not be a part of MSDN. 
However, the VS and MSDN teams have collaborated to create a special
offer for Virtual Server 2005 Standard and Enterprise Editions which are
being made available only to MSDN Universal and MSDN Enterprise
subscribers between October 1, 2004 and March 31, 2005.  This is a
special promotional offer. 

MSDN Universal and Enterprise level subscribers are being granted
special access to Virtual Server 2005 Standard and Enterprise Editions
as downloads from MSDN Subscriber Downloads only.  Virtual Server 2005
Standard and Enterprise Editions will not be made available by
fulfillment or in the monthly subscription shipments.  

This is the full retail, production version of the product and does not
include the typical MSDN restrictions of running only in dev/test
environments and can be run in production (except on XP Pro).

Overview of Product Offering
·         Virtual Server 2005 Standard and Enterprise Editions are being
made available for a limited time to MSDN Universal and MSDN Enterprise
subscribers via MSDN Subscriber Downloads only
·         The downloads are approx. 20MB each in size

Product Eligibility
·         All active MSDN Universal and Enterprise subscribers are
eligible to receive the download from MSDN Subscriber Downloads,
including all retail and volume licensing subscribers worldwide
·         Certified Partners and Breadth ISV / Empower members are
·         MSDN Academic Alliance members are NOT eligible
·         Expired MSDN Subscribers are NOT eligible

Active MSDN subscribers will be allowed to download each edition a
maximum of five (5) times and obtain a maximum of two Product Keys. 
Product activation is not required for Virtual Server 2005.  The intent
is to limit qualified MSDN subscribers to one download per subscriber. 
However, we realize that keys get lost, etc.

E inoltre da un comunicato successivo:

An update from the PM, this licensing may change. Don't count on getting
a full production license for VS.

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