Karl del team di Mole mi segnala la disponibilità di una nuova release che da ora può essere utile anche a chi non usa WPF.
Non avendo capito esattamente quale fosse il valore aggiunto per i non-WPF developers ho chiesto ulteriori dettagli e questa è la sua risposta:

1. Viewing collection data in Mole is MUCH easier than in Visual Studio. You also get two views for the same data.  There are two examples of viewing
collection data in the Code Project article.

2. Mole allows establishing Favorites to make getting to data you normally view MUCH faster.  Example:  For a ComboBox you usually look at the
SelectedIndex, SelectedValue, etc. properties.  With Mole, you can simply make the properties your Favorites.  Then, every time you look at a
ComboBox, these properties are at the top of the properties grid.

3. Mole allows you to drill around your application, Visual Studio does not.
Example, open a WinForms application and place a breakpoint and do a quick watch on the form, "this" for C#, "Me" for VB.NET. Look around, you'll see
lots of information about a Window object. Now, do the same thing in Mole.
Much more data that is easy to find and drill around. In fact the entire application is easily navigated. You can even view an image of each WinForm

This is the same story for ASP.NET applications. Very easy to navigate the entire ASP.NET web page from a debugging perspective.

4. Mole allows searching of properties and property values.

5. Mole allows you to view collections with multiple data types in them.
The article has an example of this.

6. Mole can be used as a teaching aid for learning .NET.  This is a very cool feature.  Developers new to .NET can debug their applications and see
the entire application and data in Mole's viewer.  With the ability to drill around the application and view both public and private data and members.

7.  When using Mole with ASP.NET applications, developers can really "see" the difference in the "state" of their applications between "before a
postback" and "after a postback."  I think for new ASP.NET developers this tool is invaluable in teaching this important concept.

Per gli sviluppatori WPF Mole è ormai, de-facto, un must-have tool e ora ha tutte le carte in regola per diventare un must-have anche per chi non usa (ancora) WPF.

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