Visual programming language using visual studio DSL

I found a very interesting firmware for my Canon A550. This new firmware adds tons of new feature. One of those, is the scripting support using a language similar to basic.

As a programmer it's easy to program with it...well...too easy!

So I decided to throw some of my spare time to play with DSL.

The basic idea is to create a DSL that let's you visually program the canon scripting.

What I want to achieve is a tool having a toolbar with all the language (if, do, variable declaration...) and camera (shoot, zoom...) statements that you can drag on the programming surface to construct a script.

The first look at DSL give me the idea that the learning curve is very it's perfect to save me from the current time waster.

Stay tuned for future posts about it...

posted @ giovedì 8 maggio 2008 14:45

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