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VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released

This 2.1 update includes over 60 improvements, including new support for .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio .NET 2005. VistaDB is a small-footprint, embedded SQL database alternative to Jet/Access, MSDE and SQL Server Express 2005 that enables developers to build .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 applications. Features SQL-92 support, small 500KB embedded footprint, free 2-User VistaDB Server for remote TCP/IP data access, royalty free distribution for both embedded and server, Copy 'n Go! deployment, managed ADO.NET Provider, data management and data migration tools. Free trial is available for download. - Learn more about VistaDB - Repost this to your blog and receive a FREE copy of VistaDB 2.1!

Print | posted on giovedì 27 ottobre 2005 13:15 |



# re: VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released

piu' che volentieri, un ottimo database e merita tutta la visibilità possibile
27/10/2005 13:39 | Carlo Bertini

# re: VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released

Cacchio la voglio pure io la copia free!
Solo che oramai l'hai postato tu il msg...
27/10/2005 14:09 | Diego

# re: VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released

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# re: VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released

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