And the winner is...

...Mono! :)
Secondo questo articolo, Mono è stato eletto "Development application of the year":

Development application of the year

We judged ease of use, documentation, maturity of tools, and ease of deployment.

Those magical programs facilitate the creativity flow from the hands of the programmers. A good development application or framework allows someone with an idea and some know-how to do his part to change how people interact with their data.

Winner: Mono

The Mono Project develops a common language runtime environment and development tools that aim to conform with Microsoft's .NET framework. The pace of Mono's development and maturation as a platform has been very rapid and has encouraged the creation of a plethora of tools and applications targeting the Mono runtime and built with the Mono development toolset. It has made the language C# increasingly popular for rapid application development on Linux. Additionally, development tools such as MonoDevelop have been written and continue to improve rapidly to provide the closest thing to an ideal RAD environment for Linux.

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