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Introduction: Wholesale purchasing in Yiwu Recently, the U.S. Department of Defense revealed that the U.S. military in May last year signed a contract to hire Chinese commercial satellite "Asia-Pacific", provides communications services for the U.S. military Africa Command. To this end, members of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, Rogers, April 29 issued Yiwu Cosmetics Market a statement questioning the lease, that This will be a serious threat to the safety of U.S. intelligence, said China "may be selective shielding", the U.S. military into at any time by the Chinese cut off eyes "and" ears "of the danger.Analysts pointed out that the "News of the World" the U.S. hype "Asia-Pacific" topic, and ultimately who will be restricted, I am Yiwu market afraid harder to draw a conclusion. With the increasing competitiveness of Chinese industrial products, manufacturing and financial resources in the United States have been delayed, can not be recovered, the U.S. military trend one dollar store is only growing selection of Chinese products.

U.S. military Yiwu Industrie choice of inexpensive.Officials of the U.S. Department of Defense is responsible for space and satellite policy Luowei Luo said that in view of the U.S. ground operations coordination and UAV reconnaissance increasingly Yiwu Chine dependent on data communications, leased to China "Asia-Pacific", meet only in non-U.S. military action selection. However, this reason does not convince the military security experts in the United States, many experts and Rogers, worried about The Pentagon leased satellite to provide communications services to the U.S. military, would pose a threat to the national yiwu china security of the United States. Washington think tank Heritage Foundation national security policy researcher Springfield, says that if the United States Africa Command does no choice, it also highlights the serious challenges faced by china wholesalers the U.S. military.
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