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Left by Timur at 09/02/2011 16:08
More than a year has passed since we launched the beta version of iconizer.net We are glad to announce that a brand new iconizer.net has been launched. It’s not in beta anymore. Feel free to enjoy the list of new functions and features that we have added:
1. A NEW ICON GENERATOR engine with new features
2. Thousands of new icons
3. All licenses for all icons are available now
4. A completely new search engine with much more user friendly design and advanced search with feature of sorting icons by license and sizes
5. A large icon store
6. The use of latest technologies such as JQuery
7. The smaller size of the pages that increases download speed
Please, feel free to use the project at your convenience,
iconizer.net developers team

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Left by Jade Sale at 20/09/2011 13:48
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