The dimensions of Agile

After hands-on experience with Agile practices, working in Agile environments and attending and speaking at conferences with Agile experts, I have annotated what I think could be the dimensions of Agile that detail and expand the original motto Embrace Change:

  • work begin with respecting people

  • dealing with uncertainty

  • managing the unexpected

  • recognizing the unknowns and accepting what cannot be measured

  • exploring through discovery & invention

  • developing agility

  • balancing anticipation & adaptation
  • combining instinct (from intuition and previous knowledge and experiences)
    & reflection (as rational thinking based on actual knowledge)
    & exploration (as making new experiences and learning from that)
    & imitation (as basic learning process from more experienced practitioners)

  • making sense in complex contexts with awareness and understanding inherent ambiguities,incomplete information, fragmented realities and multiplicity of points of views

  • amplify the emergence of beneficial behaviors and outcomes

  • continuing the quest for craftsmanship

Dimensions are intended here in the sense that the values and principles in the Agile Manifesto, the values and principles and practices of XP, the 3 legs the 3 artifacts the 3 roles and the 3 meetings of Scrum as well as the foundations the roles and the activities and artifacts of OpenAgile and the values and the principles of Lean can all be directly related and derilved from one or more dimensions.

Can you suggest other dimensions?

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