Øredev 2011 what I've learned

One of the bes computer programming technology conference I've been with lot of international speaker and where you can get a sense of the Scandinavian programmers talent, initiative and innovative spirit.

What I've learned and I will try to apply ?
Before my memories vanish, let's take a note.

Only your mom wants to use your website
Keynote from one of the founders of Reedit
  • A success story about the possibilities for an entrepreneur in Internet, limited only by the fantasy
  • The users driven product development (1 year release plans are for dinosaurs doomed to extinction)

An architecture remake
  • Incremental improvement of an existing code-base
  • Multiple domain models and anti-corruption-layers to strategically improve the system
  • The big-bang release approach here again made it very risky and difficult

Test-Driven REST
From the author of REST in Practice: Hypermedia and Systems Architecture
  • the anatomy of a REST dialogues: verbs, content types, messages and ceremonies
  • the book looks interesting to read
  • use of cache to trade latency (old cached results from a proxy) with availability and scalability (of the web app)
  • events pulling like atom rss feed (broadcasting) instead of event publishing (1 to 1 communication)
  • optimistic concurrency also in the REST operations

A less technical talk on technical communication
  • if the message don't reach the intended audience/target the conversation is meaningless
  • so politely aggressive reply are useless: be practical, respectful and clear or do not reply if you cannot

Architecture Without an End State
  • Book 'design rules: the power of modularity' baldwin & clark 2000,looks like it contain 16 ways to separete a system in more modules

The Power of Play
  • Ideas, links to take the opportunity to exercise the explore/discovery/learn attitude at work
    • http://www.slideshare.net/portiatung/the-powerofplay36
    • marshmallowchallenge.com
    • Emily Fox as Cupstacking Champion - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNG3sg
    • www.agilefairytales.org k02Lc
    • www.agilecoach.net
    • Ted.com and search for “Play”
    • www.tastycupcakes.org
    • playmanifesto.org
    • agilegames2011.org
    • www.innovationgames.org 
    • play4agile.org 

Abstraction Distractions
  • established patterns and common abstractions take away the focus on key points

Embracing Uncertainty - the Hardest Pattern of All

How a Dutch rapper ends up in Swedish startup - lessons learned"
  • Be always prepared to present your startup idea to an investor not to lose the opportunity: the idea in short, why is interesting/innovative/disruptive, what need it fulfill, what are the source of revenue, what are the costs, ...

Applying the Golden Circle to Agile in the 21st Century
  • The why question before the What question

Why common agile practice isn’t agile
  • Looking again at value and principle to access which practices has departed form the agile roots

Startup! Opportunities, Threats and Support
  • http://www.teknopol.se/how/contract_forms/
  • Marianne Larsson  Business Advisor and Director of Mobile Heights Business Center (MHBC). 
  • http://www.mhbc.se/about_mhbc/
  • http://innsights.se/the-map/

Functional JavaScript
  • common functional primitive additions to JavaScript language

Getting the Most Out of Your BDD Tests
  • key points about BDD

Copenaghen Suborbitals
  • the yes we can attitude
  • how mistrust lead to significant waste
  • http://www.copenhagensuborbitals.com/mission.php

Software development in F1
This is my  speech,  ideas that I tried to show and hope to make them stick
  • Top-down centralized approach does not work in a complex context
  • Autonomous interdependent departments generates social complexity
  • The ability to react to unexpected events is more effective than trying to forecast the future and prevent mistakes
  • Advanced agile practices that emerged in that environment

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