End of the RDBMS Era?

Not yet but... read this:  Is the NoSQL Meeting Announcing the End of the RDBMS Era?

This is about non-RDBMS data-stores used e.g. by LinkedIn, Facebook, SpringSource, Google.
Here are the names of some of these non-RDBMS data-stores: memcached, Tokyo, Redis, Voldemort, MongoDB and Cassandra, Amazon S3, Hadoop Hive, Maglev and Solr.
Read more about here:
Nosql if only it was that easy

Most of them are Key/Value or document database.
They leave up ACIDity and data normalization and predefined data schemas in favor of performances, scalability, flexibility and resiliency.

If you need transactions, full time data consistency and do reporting probably they do not fit your job.

A scary note: most of them do not have a .NET data access library, is Microsoft becoming legacy ?!?

Update SEP/OCT:  2 useful links from an interesting thread in the Italian ALT.NET user group
- Eric Brewer CAP theorem to better understand the non-RDBMS data-stores: CAP Theorem
- Relational model potential future: The Third Manifesto
- List of Companies Powered By Non Relational Database
- Transazioni Eventually Consistent

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