Michael Feathers TDD/Refactoring course in Stockholm

In September 15-17 with Michael Feathers the author of  Working Effectively with Legacy Code.    The info about the course are here.

While the Nokia Test help to assess the ability of an Agile team to Inspect+Adapt to deal with the Software Development Life Cycle (that for in-house developers includes Operations and Maintenance)...

    ...the number of code duplications and of if/switch in the code base can assess the ability of an Agile team to effectively deal with coding: duplications and of if/switch are the primary costs/time multipliers of software development (1 duplication => double the effort for a feature change, 1 if => double the effort for manual/automatic tests).
     Duplications and plenty of if/switch is a clear sign that the agile team is Keeping the Peel and Throwing Out the Banana as Francesco Cirillo (the Italian guy behind the Anti-If Campaign and the Pomodoro Technique) explained.

And TDD and Refactoring are the way to go to keep the banana and throw the peel !

So, take a look at your code-base and see if this course can be good for your Agile team.

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