L'eccitazione della scoperta, la necessità del no sense e dell'immateriale

Una frase da What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09

Creative people don't want to "do it right." They want to share the excitement you had when you yourself didn't know how to do it right. Creative people are unconsciously attracted by the parts that make no sense. And Web 2.0 was full of those.

Il cerchio si chiude con la frase di un post segnalato da Bruce Sterling in Boym on Sottsass

However absurd this decorative element is, it is absolutely essential for the object’s existence. The functional is connected to the nonfunctional with a precarious umbilical cord. One component feeds and supports the other. And here is the lesson of the master: in our human experience, immaterial things like decoration, color, emotion are as necessary as the function itself;

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