ABIDE model, an exercise

I'm starting a series of posts about the ABIDE model (Attractors, Barriers, Identity, Dissent/diversity and Environment) that I've learned about at the interesting course 'Coaching Self-Organising Teams'  by Joseph Pelrine. Here you can read more about the model.

My idea is to post here the exercise I'm doing to better understand and learn the ABIDE model.

I will take the list of patterns from the Fearless Change book of Linda Rising (you can find it here) and for every pattern I will try to:
  • identify what is the Complex Adaptive System that is described in that pattern (i.e. a team, a department or an organization)

  • identify which one of the ABIDE (an Attractor, a Barrier, Identity, a Dissent/diversity or the Environment) is the main knob tweaked in that pattern

My goal with the exercise is to improve my understanding of the abstract ABIDE model and become able to map it to concrete day-to-day team dynamics. So that I'll be able to :
  • observe and understand what is happening in the team, interpret and understand it through the lens of the ABIDE model
  • act on the ABIDE knobs to amplify the emergence of beneficial behaviors observed in the team and reduce or revert the non beneficial ones

Edit 12 Aug: here are the solutions I've tryed:
- Attractors
- Barriers
- Identities / Roles
- Diversity / Dissent
- Environment

Edit 16 Aug: more about the exercise:

The ABIDE exercise proposed by Joseph Pelrine is based on an exercise from Dave Snowden know as "butterfly stamping". . The purpose of the exercise is twofold:
- learning sense-making techniques (i.e., which interventions affect which parameters)
- understanding your cognitive bias (e.g., what do you understand an attractor to be?)

Joseph Pelrine has written about this on his guest blog post at Cognitive Edge: Is software development complex?
And in more detail in his E:CO article: On Understanding Software Agility— A Social Complexity Point Of View

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