3 myths about software development

  • The code quality is related to the available time for implementing the solution wrong code quality is related to developer's skills and is related to company's structure and organization in teams and departments 

    ((it took me 30 years to learn from practice what my grandmother told me when I was young: it takes as much time to do something wrong as it take to do it right)))

  • The users do not care about code quality, when you are late you can give up code quality  wrong users are interested in a steady flow of  features released on time and when you give up quality you are going to slow down the following releases 

    (((it took me some years developing sw in Formula One at 300 Km/h to learn from practice that low quality code slow down developments and that exists good alternatives to keep code quality and deliver on time)))

  • A  junior sw developer is less expensive than a senior sw developer wrong the time required to teach and help a junior and to fix the initial mistakes and the communication overload (because more than 1 junior is required to cover all the different skills of 1 senior) turns into a ROI that is lower than the ROI of a senior

    (((A Junior sw developer is valuable because his energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, updated knowledge and less preconceived ideas.  So 1/3 of junior and intermediate team members with 2/3 seniors is a good balance)))

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Gravatar # re: 3 myths about software development
by Antonio Di Motta at 21/09/2009 12:13

Cosa dire... queste sono VERITA' ASSOLUTE, in base a questa verità la mia azienda non potrebbe esistere :(
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