E' disponibile la August preview di Expression Blend che ha, tra le nuove features, quella di poter aprire progetti WPF direttamente in Visual Studio 2008™ Beta2.




Altre novità:

Make User Control
Expression Blend 2 August Preview contains an early look at new functionality that lets you re-factor existing content into a control that can be reused (instantiated). Currently, only selected elements—and their referenced resources—can be re-factored into the new control. Any referenced animations are currently lost, but the current plans for next release are to preserve these as well. You also need to build the project to be able to see and instantiate the new control. 
XAML Editor Improvements
Expression Blend 2 August Preview allows you to specify font size, font family, word-wrap, etc. for the XAML editor (XAML tab).

Build options
When building inside Expression Blend 2 August Preview, the property $(BuildingInsideExpressionBlend) is set to true. This can be used in your project or .targets files to cause the build to behave differently.

Storyboard Picker
The Storyboard Picker replaces the old Storyboard combo box. The picker consists of a Storyboard label (with Rename command), a context menu (for fast New/Delete), a popup button (and resulting popup) and a Close button. The popup contains all Storyboards in scope in a multi-column layout. The Storyboard Picker can be resized, and its list filtered. The Storyboard Picker also contains a New button and contextual Delete and Close buttons. In addition to the improved usability, the Storyboard Picker label will in future serve as a selection affordance for Storyboards.
Object manipulation
Added ability to uniformly resize and scale multiple selected elements by using resizing handles on the artboard.