CodePlex supporta ClickOnce - CodePlex supports ClickOnce

Dal blog ufficiale di CodePlex si legge la notizia che ora è supportato anche il deployment delle proprie applicazioni anche con ClickOnce:
With today’s release, we are happy to announce that our #1 most requested feature, hosting ClickOnce applications directly from the CodePlex website, is now available for all projects! For those that are not familiar with ClickOnce, it is a .NET deployment technology that enables a user to install and run a Windows application by simply clicking a link from a web page. ClickOnce applications are also inherently self-updating, as they check for newer versions as they become available. ClickOnce applications are also “low-impact”, in other words, they do not need administrative rights to install, only install for the current user, and are isolated from other ClickOnce applications.


CodePlex continua a fare passi avanti da gigante, nell’ultimo anno le nuove release e le nuove feature sono davvero tante, complimenti al team e a Microsoft per supportare un progetto così utile e direi senza eguali!

Matteo Migliore.

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