CodePlex sta aggiornando i server TFS a TFS 2010 - CodePlex is upgrading all TFS servers to TFS 2010

Dalla email ufficiale appena arrivata da CodePlex come contributor di vari progettI (qui il riepilogo), l’annuncio della migrazione dei loro server a TFS 2010:
1) A data driven application where SQL is generated runtime by a DataMapper
2) A realtime cart using ASP.NET, AJAX and WCF
3) A starting point for a validation framework using IoC in .NET and C#
4) A WPF ImageButton that uses pixel shader for dynamically change the image
5) Aspect Oriented Programming - Tracing using Log4Net and PostSharp
6) Encryption with WCF RIA Services and Silverlight using MVVM
7) Inversion Of Control sample to build a security system using: WCF, Unity, ASP.NET.
8) Multi mapping generator - NHibernate mapping files generator and WCF contracts
9) SampleCMS is a simple CMS that uses .NET 3.5 API. ASP.NET CMS
10) Silverlight 4 and WCF multi layer
11) Silverlight Converter to convert Windows library to Silverlight library project
12) ilar images finder - .NET Image processing in C# and RGB projections
13) TimeAssistant is a Test Driven Development application to manage time
14) Visual Studio 2008 back migration tool to Visual Studio 2005
15) Webservice WindowsForms hoster

During the upcoming weeks we will be migrating all of the CodePlex TFS projects onto our new TFS 2010 servers.  This upgrade will allow us to support new TFS features and provide increased server performance and reliability.  The move will happen on a server by server basis, so expect each TFS server (TFS01 to TFS10) to be down for a few hours as data is migrated.  Updates on when each server will be offline and an estimate on when they will be back online will be posted on our system outage page:

As part of this migration, the URL of your TFS server will change and this will require you to update your projects source control bindings.  After your project has moved, instructions on how to connect with Team Explorer to the new TFS server can be found on the source control tab of your project under “Source Control Setup”.  For detailed instructions on updating your source control bindings see:  Additionally, if you connect to your project using Visual Studio Team Explorer 2005, you will need to install the 2005 forward compatibility pack:  If you connect using Team Explorer 2008, you will need to install the 2008 forward compatibility pack:

Finally, the TFS 2010 upgrade process checks two build templates files into your project under \BuildProcessTemplates.  These templates can be removed safely as we currently do not support TF build.

Segnalo anche questo nuovo template di Scrum per TFS 2010:
Qui il download del template:

Matteo Migliore.

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