Rilasciato ReSharper 5.0 Beta
E’ stato rilasciato ReSharper 5.0 Beta, che supporta anche Visual Studio 2010, prima bisognava usare le Nightly Builds.

Adesso aspettiamo che i vari plug-in vengano aggiornati.
ReSharper 5.0 Beta 

Dal sito di JetBrains, le novità:
  • Web Development. We have greatly extended the toolset available to ASP.NET developers when they work with markup files and web site infrastructure.
  • Project and Team. ReSharper becomes a valuable assistant not only to individual developers but to teams working with large, complicated projects. It allows them to view, change and maintain project structure.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010. ReSharper 5.0 provides support for the new Visual Studio version earlier than ever. Of course, Visual Studio 2008 is supported, too.
  • Code Analysis. This area incorporates several improvements, from "plainly" implementing a substantial pack of new code inspections to upgrading foreach and for loops to LINQ queries and letting you track how data values and method calls are passed through your code.”
Ringrazio JetBrains per avermi regalato una licenza di ReSharper 5.0 per il progetto TimeAssistant che ho pubblicato su CodePlex: :-).

Matteo Migliore.

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