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Installare l'RDP client su XP e usare ClearType...

Si... lo so che odiavo ClearType, ma se proprio non ne potete fare a meno anche via RDP, potete prendere la versione di Vista e andare tranquilli...

..I sure was excited to learn that now the Remote Desktop client in Vista supports ClearType!
...No worries though, the Vista RDP client will soon be available as a download for XP once the final version of Vista is released.
In the meantime, if you're running Vista RC1, I've discovered that you can copy the RDP client bits over to your XP machine, and it appears to work just fine.  From your Vista machine, copy the following four files into any directory on your XP machine, and run the executable (mstsc.exe) from there on XP:

    • <%systemDir%>\system32\mstsc.exe
    • <%systemDir%>\system32\mstscax.dll
    • <%systemDir%>\system32\en-US\mstsc.exe.mui
    • <%systemDir%>\system32\en-US\mstscax.dll.mui

Once you start up the new Remote Desktop Client on XP, click the "Options" button to reveal the settings dialog, then go to the "Experience" tab and ensure there is a check in the box for "Font smoothing"...

Leggete tutto alla fonte: Link to Vista RDP Client Supports ClearType on XP

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# re: Installare l'RDP client su XP e usare ClearType...

erroneamente o cancellato il file mstsc.exe
31/12/2008 15.46 | enzo
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