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Are Helper Classes Evil?

Ecco un post molto interessante: Are Helper Classes Evil?

Leggetelo tutto, mi piace molto la conclusione:

Based on this set of criteria, it is fairly clear that helper classes fail to work well with two out of the five fundamental principles that we are trying to achieve with Object Oriented Programming.

But are they evil?  I was being intentionally inflammatory.  If you read this far, it worked.  I don't believe that software practices qualify in the moral sphere, so there is no such thing as evil code.  However, I would say that any developer who creates a helper class is causing harm to the developers that follow. 

And that is no help at all.

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# re: Are Helper Classes Evil?

Qui la risposta (l'ho wikizzata)
06/09/2005 21.53 | Luca Minudel

# re: Are Helper Classes Evil?

Però forse era il caso di presentare anche il perchè non abusarne... se ho tempo (davvero poco) lo faccio io!
07/09/2005 10.26 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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