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Microsoft Visual Basic Script
Running custom VbScript code from asp

Running custom VbScript code from asp I was in the need to run some custom VbScript code from an asp page, so I went through the problem and found a very simple solution. A common solution is to use the Microsoft ScriptControl. Here is a very simple example running a piece of code stored in a text file. default.asp <%@language=VBSCRIPT%> <% dim sFile : sFile = "" sFile = LoadFile("MyCustomScript.txt") if len(sFile) > 0 then     Response.Write "The result is: " & ExecScript(sFile) end if Function ExecScript(sScript)         dim sc         'Create the Script Control object         set sc = server.CreateObject("scriptcontrol")                 sc.Language = "VBSCRIPT"         sc.UseSafeSubset = false         sc.Reset                 'add the custom script to...

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