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Object Identity in LINQ To SQL

Avevo giĆ  accennato al concetto di Object Identity in LINQ To SQl tempo fa, ultimamente, parlando di LINQ To SQL, mi diverto a mettere in crisi chi mi ascolta mostrando questo esempio: //Read 'ALFKI' entry from Nothwind... MyDataContext db = new MyDataContext(); Customer cust = db.Customers.Where(c => c.CustomerID == "ALFKI").Single<Customer>(); Console.WriteLine("ALFKI Customer's city is:" + cust.City); //Updates ALFKI City to London string query = "UPDATE Customers SET City={0} WHERE CustomerID={1}"; int ret = db.ExecuteCommand(query, "London", "ALFKI"); Console.WriteLine("{0} record updated", ret); //Queries all customers living in London... Console.WriteLine("Geting customers in London..."); IQueryable<Customer> custInBerlin = db.Customers.Where(c => c.City == "London"); foreach (Customer c in custInBerlin) { Console.WriteLine("{0} lives in {1}",c.CustomerID, c.City); } L'output...

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