marzo 2008 Blog Posts

Silverlight charts

At the following link: You can find a lot of Siliverlight's example charts. Tags: Silverlight

Today security videos

New security videos from (security) (tnx Scott Mitchell). Two new videos from Lamees Ayman: Encryption Export and Import Certificates Thanks Lamees Ayman. Tags: Security ASP.NET

WCF and Vista: AddressAccessDeniedException – Cause and Solution

Another helpful link for your WCF errors :D Tags: WCF

TreeView and the selected leaf without Themes

Hi guys, I had a problem with the TreeView. I needed to change the text in bold of the clicked TreeView's leaves, without using Themes. I found a workaround as follows: protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) { string selectedLeaf = string.Empty; if (Request.QueryString.Get("Report") != null) ...

IIS 7 - WCF Application

Sometimes IIS 7 drive me crazy :D If you receive an 404.3 error by yours wcf application look the following link: Tags: WCF, IIS

MIX08's Videos

Mix has finished in Mar 11th but you can still watch the session at: Tags: Video Tutorial

Difference between eXtreme Programming and SCRUM

I'm a fan of xp methodology, and I am studying and using it a little at a time.   One of the questions I do to myself in these days is: What is the difference between SCRUM and XP? I have found some answers in Martin's article: How Martin wrote the big difference are: Scrum concentrates on the management aspects of software development Scrum dividing development into thirty day iterations (called 'sprints') and applying closer monitoring and control with daily scrum ...