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ADO.NET 2.0 alcune interessanti Novita' !!!

•Multiple Active Results Sets (MARS): which provide the opportunity to open more than one results set over the same connection and access them concurrently

Asynchronous access to the results of multiple commands over the same Connection instance, plus the ability to open connection asynchronously

The concept of ObjectSpaces is to allow you to access, manipulate, and update data in a relational database using standard .NET “objects,” rather than having to write stored procedures or build SQL statements that specifically match the data you want to work with to the structure of the source table in the database.

Problema con l' XmlSchemaException!

I have an Xml with this structure (simplified):

  <TV program>
  <other key elements>....</other key elements>
  <episode 1>
  </episode 1>
  <episode n>
  </episode n>
</TV program>

I implemented the ValidationCallback method to catch all the semantics errors in the fields.
If occurs an error in the element of episode k I can't go upward to the episode to determine exactly in what episode occurs the error.
If the XmlSchemaException return me the exact node will be easy to do.
I think there's a way to make this, analyzing the message stream, but it's very complex. I think I'll take a lot of time to do it.

Thanks in advance!

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